*Compact totally enclosed, continuously lubricated (with SPINTEK-12/ Servopsin – 12Oil) drives

*Simple mechanical device with practically no maintenance

Absence of noise and vibration

*Co-linear input & Output shaft can rotate in either direction.

*Transmission of power through best quality hardened steel components which are ground to very close tolerance.

*Reliable speed holding capacity at maximum load

*Having minimum speed one seventh of input speed and maximum speed 1.7 times input speed.

*For general application speed range offered 300 rpm – 1500 rpm or 200 rpm – 1000 rpm for an input of 1500 rpm or 1000 rpm respectively.

*drive suitable for constant horse power/constant torque/Variable torque load application.


*High Power Capacity

* High Efficiency of 85% to 94%

*High reliability and long life

*High output Torque up to 6 times the input Torque

*High Speed holding capacity of 0.05% nett.

*Infinitely variable output speed between lowest 1/7 th of input speed and highest 1.7 times of input speed.

*No slippage

*No maintenance except change of oil

*Suitable for Dusty, Dirty, Flame proof and Wet environment



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