Process and Components

Electric Motor:

All the electric motors are from reputed manufacturers with B14 flange construction which are used to couple to variator and are totally enclosed fan cooled and IP55 Protection.

Gears & Pinions :

The helical gears & Pinions are made from special case hardening alloy steel for smooth running with maximum power transmission afficiency & life.

Shatfs :

The output shafts are made out of high quality medium carbon stell designed with higher factors of safety. They are toughened, ground finished and supported accurately between bearings.

Lubrication :

Special wheel bearing grease used for long life of variators. Advantages of variable speed drives

*More Torque with a no. of speeds.

*Fine adjustment of speed with a dial Indicator

*Less Maintainance Cost because the use of high quality friction ring.

*No Damage to unit when friction ring wears out.

*Handle can be fitted in I_______III Position

*Cab be mounted in Horizontal and vertical positon

*Compact constructions



C.I.Parts :

All C-I materials are made of close grey cast iron, grade FG20 of IS:210. They are adequately stress relieved and machined on CNC Machines for Optimum accuracies.

Bearings :

Antifriction bearings like deepgroove ball, needle roller and needle roller cage from reputed bearing manufacturers are used in the variators to

ensure smooth running and increased bearing life. They are adequately designed to take heavy thrust and over hand loads

Testing :

24 hrs. tested with a load in clockwise & anticlockwise direction. Sound level is measured by db. Meter and Range is 75 to 80 dbs.




S1 &S2 Variators

Power 0.37 Kw to 2.2Kw

Output speed Range 7 to 3200 RPM

Regulation Range 5:1 or 10:1

With Double Speed Motor




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