OUR SPEED REDUCER represents a significant technical success in mechanical power transmission system.

High operating efficiency, space saving compactness, easier mounting wide range of reduction ratios, robust design, Virtually maintenance free operation are some of the advantages associated with our Speed reducer.

The transmission parts move in an oil bath in a sealed housing, take an advantage of elasto-hydrodynamic effect of oil. It presents metal to metal direct contact between power transmission surfaces. Resulting optimum thermic conditions and minimum wear of gears.

Through the years of experience in the field of industrial drives, the exactness of applications and the proper selection of speed reducers give a long time peak performance.

Association with the reputed companies like yours would be a matter of pride for us and we feel confident that, this will be a beginning of a pleasant and profitable business relationship between us.



  • High tensile alloy steel is used as raw material
  • Case hardening with tough core resists the impact.
  • Bending strength, contact stress & maximum durability rating are the concepts of tooth design.
  • Lapping is done for proper flank surface contacts.
  • Planets are run with needle roller bearings on high alloy ground and lapped pins.

Planet Carrier:

  • Made up of carbon steel and designed for optimum strength and rigidity. These are connected to output shafts through toughened kays.


  • High tensile steel is used as a raw material. It resists bending and torsion which maintains proper alignment of gears.


  • Casings for light duty gearboxes are manufactured from graded cast iron.
  • Chasings for medium and heavy duty gearboxes are manufactured from cast steel to take sufficient load.


  • Special material for shafts, gears, bearings and housings can be used on special request.








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