Type K Model

Mechanical speed drives are used for wide range such as :-

1.Agitators Stirrers :

in chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizers, Nuclear Fuel, Reactors etc.

2.aCoilers / Decoilers :

Wire / Cable industries.

3. Conveyors :

Screw conveyor and Belt Conveyor in all types of industries like Tobacco, Leather, Furnances, Marble and Granite Tile polishing Chamfering Machines.

4.Cutters, Palletizers :

in paper Cutting, Nylon Granulator Machines.

5.Diesel Pump Testing Bences :


in rubber, plastic and wire machineries, on Extruder Side & Houlage Side.

7.Filters :

Chemical, Sugar, Paper, Fertilizersets.

8. Glass Industries.

Ampule making, Labelling machines etc.

9.Machine Tools :

Center less Grinding, special purpose lthers, Honning, Lapping, Boring , Piano-Milling Machines.

10.Printing & Packaging Machines:

Conveyor Drives, Forming machines etc.


in pharmaceuticals Tablets making plants, coin manufacturing etc.


Geared pumps, screw pumps, perlustatic pumps in rayon, fiber, paper drying, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

13Reciprocating Pumps:

Oxygen/Nitrogen making plants, liquid lines.

14 Soap Industry:

Viscous Pumps, Soap cutting Machines etc.

15. Textile Industries :

Blow Room, Finishing, Card Room, Wire Mounting, Roll-O-Grinding, Warping machines, sizing machines etc.

16.Welding Machines:

Seam Welding machines used in Automobile, Packaging & Engineering Industries.





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