This machine has been specially designed for ELEVATORS / LIFTS where smooth and jerk fewer operations are desired with very low noise level and therefore, comfortable ride is ensured.

Wiperdrive Elevator Gear unit has been developed for carrying 6 to 18 persons.

Applications: Used in elevators.


  • Very compact mono block casing made out of case hardened alloy steel.
  • Sleek design with low weight.
  • Thread ground high speed shaft made out of case hardened alloy shell
  • Slow speed pulley shaft made out of high tensile steel to take care of bending and torque transmission.
  • Centrifugally cars phosphor bronze wheel of special grade manufactured with dedicated tooling to obtain center contact.
  • Fail safe type electro-magnetic shoe break
  • Low vibrations due to provision of inline motor mounting provide symmetrical shape.
  • Drive pulley construction in two piece i.e. removable sheave bolted with center hub.
  • Thurst bearing on high speed shaft to take thrust load in both directions.
  • Ease of assembly and dismantling
  • Adaptable flange to suit motor mounting
  • Rigid construction due to bearing block support.
  • Anti wear bronze bushing.






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